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Feel comfortable where you train and get the personal attention you need and deserve. We pride ourselves in having the ability to focus on YOU and not having all the distractions that come with a large gym. We know that taking that first step is often nerve-racking, so making our facility welcoming and our environment positive is extremely important to us. No matter the program you choose, we strive to provide a fun, effective and safe training regimen for people of all ages and fitness levels.

At Body O.N.E., we strive to help you achieve the best fitness results possible, and we have a lot of FUN doing it!! While we love to have fun while we sweat the fat away, we take our athletes’ fitness goals and health VERY seriously.  If you’re looking for dramatic health and fitness transformation, you’ve come to the right place!! At Body O.N.E., we will evaluate you and determine what the best plan of action is for you.  Like a fingerprint, each person is different and can only reach maximum results when trained to their individual strengths and weaknesses. We also think outside of the box and keep every session fun and you will leave here a step closer to your fitness and weight loss goals.

Our programs are designed to educate, empower, and effect positive change, inspiring you to view fitness as a lifelong journey. We believe in loving yourself, committing to making positive changes to achieve the quality of life you deserve and the body you want, and always do your best!! Being surrounded by an amazing group of people with similar goals, in a fun and uplifting environment, we have created an atmosphere that empowers our athletes to become the absolute best versions of themselves. Not only will you be getting the motivation, encouragement, and accountability needed for success from your trainers, but you will receive the same support from your fellow athletes.

What does it take on your behalf? COMMITMENT!! We will give you the tools necessary to be successful. We will design a program that will be most efficient at achieving your individualized results, educate you on proper exercise form and technique, create a nutrition plan that makes sense for YOU, provide you with daily motivation, and make sure you get to the studio to work out when you are supposed to!! We get AWESOME results!! We don’t claim to be better or smarter than anyone else in the industry, we are just very passionate and want to see our athletes achieve and succeed at their goals!!

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Edward Cabrera
Edward CabreraOwner

Edward Cabrera is the owner of Body O.N.E. He is considered one of the top premier trainers in Key West. With over 25 years experience, he has trained professional and top amateur athletes as well as special populations such as the elderly and people with disabilities.

A former amateur and professional boxer who won his first professional fight at age 42, he brings his expertise in boxing to train like the pros without the blows. Edward studied the martial arts for many years under several masters and incorporates this knowledge into his training in self-defense, kickboxing and qigong. Edward was also a professional pool player, and the long vigorous hours of tournament play led him to design the first fitness program for pool players, which he produced in a DVD entitled Play Long, Finish Strong.

Edward considers Qigong one of the most important things one can learn about health and wellness. The form he teaches is Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi, which is an easy to learn but effective series of 18 movements with coordinated diaphragmatic breathing. With our aging population and the constant over-stimulus from our technical world, it is important to know how to heal ourselves from the inside-out. Through his studies in Qigong and Breathology, Edward has learned the importance of correct breathing and incorporates breath exercises into all of his training.

Edward’s credentials include certification in personal fitness training through the American College of Sports Medicine and certification in qigong instruction through the Tai Chi, Qigong and Feng Shui Institute. He is a member of the National Qigong Association and the Qigong Institute.

With his well-rounded background and personalized approach to training, Edward can help sculpt and shape you through everything from winning that special event to making the lasting change you desire in your life. From Strength and Fitness, Boxing and Self-Defense, or Tai Chi Qigong, he has a class for you.

Irvin Rey
Irvin ReyOperations Manager, Trainer

Irvin Rey is currently the operations manager and one of the trainers at Body O.N.E. Irvin started his career in fitness after falling in love with his new healthy lifestyle change, being in the first class of the Body O.N.E.’s six week challenge. Irvin exceeded his goal and lost 26 pounds by the end of the six week challenge.

This was just the beginning. Year-to-date he has lost 70 pounds, dropping 13.4% body fat, and gaining 14% in muscle mass. Irvin was then recruited by Body O.N.E. as a trainer and then promoted to Operations Manager. Irvin’s story is an inspiration to all and is living proof that if you trust the process it will work.

Ryan Wagner
Ryan WagnerAssistant Manager, Trainer

Ryan is a trainer and administrator here at Body O.N.E.. He was originally born and raised in Japan before graduating from Key West High School. He then went on to obtain his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degree at Jacksonville University, covering everything from human anatomy to biomechanics.

He has a burning passion for fitness exemplified in his life growing up as an athlete, capped off by running Division I Cross Country in college. Now he is excited to pass on his knowledge and expertise to all the motivated individuals that come through Body O.N.E.’s doors!

Heather Ludwick
Heather LudwickTrainer

A true local, Heather was born and raised in Key West. She has always had an interest in fitness and nutrition, but that interest really took off when her daughter was born. She knew she wanted to live a good example for her, and they have been working out together since she was just an infant.

Getting back into fitness has been the best thing she has ever done for herself. It’s given her support and self-confidence when she needed it the most, and she wants to pass that feeling of accomplishment on to others. She is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and wants to help others do the same.

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